Case Study: Fourwinds


During times of economic depression, it is inevitable that consumer patterns change. In order for Taiwan's department store industry to attract customers, they must bring in popular restaurants. We are currently consulting Mr. Onion, a steakhouse restaurant chain, which is an excellent example. Department stores competing to win must accept the indisputable fact that food economics is now in power. This year, among the many brands TotalBrand+TotalDesign has been consulting for, the food related brands include Mr. Onion, Woo Ricebox, Julie's Biscuits, as well as tea and honey brands, which are also related to food.
經濟不景氣,消費者購物模式也改變了,台灣的百貨業必須進駐人氣餐廳,對消費者才有吸引力。我們正在輔導的天母洋蔥Mr. Onion就是一個很好的案例。百貨公司爭相拉攏,食經濟當道已是不爭的事實。今年本公司輔導的品牌中,主要與吃有關的如Mr.Onion、悟饕飯包、Julie's餅乾,以及茶葉、蜂蜜等與吃相關的品牌。

TotalBrand+TotalDesign was selected as one of the brand consaltancy companies in the Branding Taiwan Plan by Industrial Developement Bureau. We hope to co-create strong brand values with companies devoted to self-owned brands.