Case Study: Fourwinds
We can fly, with the simplist mind
Fourwinds is an interior and furniture fitting manufacturer and trading company 
with 30 years of history. It has a global market, with over 2000 different types 
of products, with several product lines and subsidiary brands. In order to revitalize 
the company's brand image, it planned to launch a new brand identity to celebrate 
its 30th anniversary.By repositioning the brand and the corporation, TotalDesign 
strategically planned and executed the total brand identity for the company. 
Innovative thinking was implemented into Fourwinds' new brand logo, interior design 
of the workspace, international exhibition space, and the design of promotional 
items. New platforms were created to encourage dialogues between the company 
and their customers. As a result, Fourwinds received wide attention at professional 
exhibitions in Germany and other countries in Europe and the Middle East, and has 
shown its competitive edge amongst top-class international brands.